Vulnerability Services

Vulnerability Scanning

An organisation’s risk profile varies depending on the size and complexity of the IT estate, their attitude to risk, the nature of their online presence, the amount of customer data they store, the amount of technical debt and the nature of their business operations.

Because no two organisations are the same, Planned Link offers support in implementing Vulnerability Scanning or even providing a fully Managed Vulnerability Scanning service, shaped to fit the client’s need and budget.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning and discovery is just the first step towards an enterprise vulnerability management program. We provide a managed service that ingests and normalises all of the vulnerability data in your enterprise, enabling your business to analyse, prioritise and build remediation plans appropriate to the risk posed by any given vulnerability and all from a single console.

We can feed your data from a wide variety of infrastructure, application and pentest tools directly into dashboards, reports and risk frameworks that aid in the risk visibility as a whole rather than siloed reports.