Domain Registration

Registering a domain is relatively simple, you choose your provider and what packages you want and then pay. The common mistake made by individuals is that they register with their home address and then think that everything is ready, this will then result in their details being searchable on the internet through a whois search. There are several courses of action to take when configuring your domain and they depend on who the internet registry company is.


Responsible for .wales and .cymru Top Level Domains (TLD’s), they hold and retain overall control of their domains.

Private Registration must be set on the website, login details can be requested even if you have never logged in before and it is a simple process. Simply Manage your details and follow the instructions.


Responsible for .com, .gov, .mil, .org, .net, .edu, .int TLD’s and allow registrars to alter records for their domains directly.


See for more details.

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