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Connect to VPN on Startup Before Login

If like me you have a need to establish a VPN from a host to another or even to a secure management network, you might like to configure your host device to establish a connection at boot rather than lose remote connectivity if the device reboots.

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DNS security for all

Cloudflare have been pounding the security drum for years and I have always looked for financially viable solutions that help me stay safer than the next guy. After recently listening to the Security Now (https://twit.tv/shows/security-now) and Troy Hunt (https://www.troyhunt.com/my-weekly-updates-are-now-available-as-an-audio-podcast/) podcasts, I was intrigued about what Cloudflare could offer me on the go and there it [...]

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VMware Urges Businesses To Stay Secure In An IoT-Enabled Virtual World

VMWORLD 2016: Digital transformation is exciting for many businesses, but VMware has made sure that security plays an integral role According to Rajiv Ramaswami, VMware’s executive vice president and general manager of Networking & Security, the average cost of a data breach now stands at €4 million – a figure that could bankrupt many businesses. Source: [...]

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