Connect to VPN on Startup Before Login

If like me you have a need to establish a VPN from a host to another or even to a secure management network, you might like to configure your host device to establish a connection at boot rather than lose remote connectivity if the device reboots.

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Microsoft Collecting More Data of Windows 10 Users than Initially Thought

Microsoft Collecting More Data of Windows 10 Users than Initially Thought After several controversial data mining and privacy invasion features within Microsoft's newest operating system, Microsoft continued convincing its users that Windows 10 is not spying on anyone and that the company is not collecting more data than it needs. In addition, Microsoft also updated [...]

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Get the Start Menu back

If like me you have ignored the cries of frustration from others about how Windows 8 or 8.1 have stolen the Start Menu then fear not as there are several solutions kindly provided by great people. Below are a couple of links that are by no means exhaustive but will give you an idea of [...]

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Run as command

The "Run as command" is incredibly useful and can save you logging in as a different user. Open cmd.exe and type the following runas /user:<localmachinename>\administrator cmd or if on a domain runas /user:<DomainName>\<AdministratorAccountName> cmd cmd is not required, it can be exchanged for your desired program.

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Skypes little known in chat commands

If  found myself needing to give admin rights to everyone in my skype chat group but couldn't find anything to support it in the GUI, then I descovered the Skype commands buried in their website. Below are some key entries, all of which are entered in the chat bar; /kick [Skype Name] - removes the [...]

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Small Business Server 2011 – Installing

Insert the CD and power on the server, ensuring that it is set to boot from CD/DVD. Allow the software to run and continue until you are presented with an "Install Windows" dialogue box, select your language settings (in my case English UK) and ensure it is correct for your keyboard before clicking Next. Another screen [...]

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Taskbar missing

In the event that the taskbar appears to have disappeared, the following should resolve the issue; Run cmd.exe, its located at C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe Type Start wmic (i sadly can’t seem to find wmic location, thats why i do it like this, but its the only command prompt capable of fixing this problem) In Wmic, type this [...]

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Installing Server 2012

Insert the installation media and boot the device, ensuring the device is set to boot from the appropriate drive. Select the appropriate install language and then the time/currency format, the keyboard should then auto set but can be changed if needed. Click Next . Click Install Now. Select which version of Server 2012 you wish [...]

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