Vi, commands at a glance – basic

Vi can often be daunting, so here is my Vi commands at a glace list. Inserting: r            Replace character under cursor with next typed character. R           Replace characters under cursor until esc is pressed. i            Insert before cursor. a    Continue reading “Vi, commands at a glance – basic”

Is my processor x32 or x64 bit – Mac OSX

Open the Applications folder or navigate to where Terminal is and allow it to run, then type uname -a and see what it produces. If you are presented with .. /RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64 then you have a processor capable of both x32 and x64 bit operation, if however you are met with .. /RELEASE_I386 i386 thenContinue reading “Is my processor x32 or x64 bit – Mac OSX”

Universal/Ultimate Boot CD First, extract all the files on the UBCD to a directory on your harddisk such as c:\ubcd-exracted (pathname may contain spaces). If you wish, you can directly extract the files from the ISO image using a tool such as 7-Zip or Daemon Tools. You should have a directory structure that looks like: c:\ubcd-extracted\ boot\Continue reading “Universal/Ultimate Boot CD”