Get the Start Menu back

If like me you have ignored the cries of frustration from others about how Windows 8 or 8.1 have stolen the Start Menu then fear not as there are several solutions kindly provided by great people. Below are a couple of links that are by no means exhaustive but will give you an idea ofContinue reading “Get the Start Menu back”

Run as command

The “Run as command” is incredibly useful and can save you logging in as a different user. Open cmd.exe and type the following runas /user:<localmachinename>\administrator cmd or if on a domain runas /user:<DomainName>\<AdministratorAccountName> cmd cmd is not required, it can be exchanged for your desired program.

Installing VMware tools – Ubuntu

Installing VMware tools – Ubuntu requires you to navigate to the toolbar and find the option to Install VMware tools, click on it and download it if required. Once the button is pressed, it will mount the drive in Ubuntu, a folder will auto open but can also be found in the Devices section of Files. Double clickContinue reading “Installing VMware tools – Ubuntu”

VMware: Exception 0x0000005 (access violation) has occurred.

If you are presented with a “VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vthread-16)” then the answer should be fairly simple, if like me your graphics card is starting to get old then it may simply not be as functional with vmware workstation. I am assuming that you are using Workstation, so in windows, simply navigate to theContinue reading “VMware: Exception 0x0000005 (access violation) has occurred.”

Skypes little known in chat commands

If  found myself needing to give admin rights to everyone in my skype chat group but couldn’t find anything to support it in the GUI, then I descovered the Skype commands buried in their website. Below are some key entries, all of which are entered in the chat bar; /kick [Skype Name] – removes theContinue reading “Skypes little known in chat commands”

Installing Ubuntu Server

Insert the bootable Media and ensure that the machine will read from it during boot. Select the Language you desire and then Install Ubuntu Server. Again you are prompted for language but this is the installation language rather than the page instructions, key up or down and then press Enter, select your country and then select Yes toContinue reading “Installing Ubuntu Server”

Setting Google MX Records

Setting Google MX Records is simple to achieve, navigate to your website provider or hosts administration page. From there each provider does vary, if they are helpful then it will simply be a case of finding the DNS settings and altering the MX records. Simply remove the old entries and insert the new ones providedContinue reading “Setting Google MX Records”

Wiring patch panels

Quite often simply plugging a cable from one device to another is sufficient, if however you find yourself needing to wire rooms together you may need to patch between panels and in turn wiring patch panels. Wiring generally follows a standard and can often be confusing, in order to allow rooms to be centrally administered, chooseContinue reading “Wiring patch panels”

Domain Registration

Registering a domain is relatively simple, you choose your provider and what packages you want and then pay. The common mistake made by individuals is that they register with their home address and then think that everything is ready, this will then result in their details being searchable on the internet through a whois search. ThereContinue reading “Domain Registration”

Accessing WiFi password history – Android

How do you grab that password that you have entered in your phone so you can use your laptop on a WiFi network that you have previously joined? It’s not as hard as you might think but does need a little know how. If you have rooted your android phone then it makes life easier,Continue reading “Accessing WiFi password history – Android”